20 September 2022



I have moved this blog to my website - you can find it here: https://www.elisaannlindstrom.com/blog

Hope to see you there!

29 August 2022

Upcoming show

This September Evanston Made has a new pop-up shop and these two pieces will be in it. Here are all the details:

Evanston Made Pop Up Shop - Paintings

832 Dempster, Evanston IL

September 3 - 28, 2022

Open Wed - Sun

22 August 2022

A look at Snowdrops


Snowdrops. My newest sketch on canvas. I saw so many of these on walks earlier this year - peeking out of the snow. Symbolizing hope, innocence, and sympathy - they are usually found when winter is ending and spring is about to begin.

17 August 2022

A trip to the 'tute


This past Monday my family and I went to the Art Institute of Chicago to see the Cezanne exhibit. After we finished seeing the very extensive collection, we decided to explore other exhibits in the museum. Two that stood out for me was the Mel Bochner exhibit and Recollections of Tokyo both of which inspired me by the use of color and lines. The prints from the Tokyo exhibit definitely make me want to explore printmaking. And Mel Bochner's work reminded me of the energy from when I was in art school and I definitely want to find ways to bring that energy back into my work. 

What about you? What exhibits have you seen recently? 

09 August 2022

Photos from Sunday's Makers Market

The Evanston Made Makers Market was this past Sunday. It was nice to see so many collectors and connections. Although it was a very hot and humid day, we were in a covered area so there was no issue with rain. All in all, it was a good day. 

The next one is on October 2nd - hope to see you there!

01 August 2022

Secret project in the studio

I've been working on a project for the past couple of months that I'm excited about - it's definitely different than what I've been working on with sketches, drawings and landscapes. It's still secret so I'm not going to get into any more information on that. But here are some pictures so you can see the progress:


Gesso is added to each panel

Multiple layers of blue are painted on the panels

This is all I can show for now... stay tuned...

25 July 2022

Ready for the next market!

I've been getting excited for the upcoming shows and markets this year. So excited that I bought a note card display. If you are in the Chicago area, you can see it in person at my next show/market: 

Evanston Made - Maker's Market  
Sunday, August 7th
12pm - 5pm
Maple Parking Garage, Evanston, IL

What to expect there: note cards, landscape prints (framed and unframed), sketches on canvas 

04 July 2022

Progress in the studio

While I am figuring out what to do about my blog - here are a couple of progress photos for my latest landscape. The original image is from my trip to Maine (yes, I took a ton of photos there and will be using them over the years because it's a beautiful part of the country):

first layers of blue for the sky

after many layers, the sky is almost done

27 June 2022

Blog update


Looks like I may be moving this blog over to my website. I'm taking this week off of blogging to figure out what will work best and will let you know next week where you can find my art blog. Have a great week.


20 June 2022

Upcoming Shows

 This list hopefully will get longer but here are a few shows I will be in during 2022:

August 7: Maker's Market - 12-5pm - Maple Parking Garage, Evanston, IL

    What to expect there: note cards, landscape prints (framed and unframed), sketches on canvas 

October 2: Maker's Market - 12-5pm - Maple Parking Garage, Evanston, IL

    What to expect there: note cards, landscape prints (framed and unframed), sketches on canvas 

December 1-4: One of A Kind Show - Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL

   What to expect there: landscape paintings, landscape prints (framed and unframed)